Soccer Is Our Passion

At Lee County Strikers, we strive to reflect two important beliefs in all that we do.

Firstly, we believe that soccer and soccer development is more than a sport. We want to provide the best soccer training possible. We expect our coaches to continue to learn and develop themselves. As an organization, we will encourage that continually.

You are invited to explore our website further to learn more about what we offer our teams and players. We strongly feel though that soccer is more than technique and tactics. It’s about learning the value of hard work. It’s about accountability — to the your coach, your teammates, and yourself. It’s about respect. It’s about character. These are the qualities that help a player reach their goals. These are also the lessons they should take beyond their playing days, no matter how far that level eventually reaches.

Secondly, we believe that soccer is the greatest game in the world and a privilege to play, watch, or coach. We want our club to reflect that joy and passion. We know that the best at any sport, skill, or activity have that passion. The best soccer players are constantly with a ball, kicking against the side of the house, juggling in their rooms, practicing turns in the backyard. We want our club to encourage that passion. It doesn’t come from running laps or standing in line waiting to take a shot. It doesn’t come from parents or coaches yelling. It doesn’t even come from winning games or tournaments. That’s temporary. It comes from a love of the game.

There will be different levels of commitment but we want to do our best to foster that excitement. We want our club and training to encourage that passion. We invite you to explore our website to see more of what we are about and what we offer our teams and our players as a club.

Jeff Richards President, Lee County Strikers



History of Black Watch Premier

BWP has a 23-year track record in the Capital Region of New York and Burlington, Vermont of creating a “player-centric” environment. Over 500 graduates of BWP have gone on to play collegiately, over 130 have competed at the Division I level, 3 have played MLS, 9 have played for the US Youth National Teams and more to come. “Getting people in their optimal position to effectively support the culture and mission of the Club is one of the main objectives. This is a commitment to the community and we will make sure that it is cost-effective (cost matches product), all children of the local community will have access no matter their socio-economic position, as well as ability. Programs will be created to meet the needs of all players having the desire to create BWP Lee County Strikers as the best place to be to grow as a soccer player in the Southwest Florida,” stated Freeman. “This relationship will hopefully grow in natural and organic ways that will add benefits to all Club members.”

History of Greater Ft Myers Soccer Club

South Fort Myers Soccer Club was founded in 1986 and used several different complexes as home for it’s teams. Villas Elementary, Tanglewood Elementary, Cypress Middle and Deleon complex were all fields used to supplement the Rutenburg complex as practice and game fields. Soon after the Lee County Strikers competitive club was started as a separate entity from South Fort Myers. 1991 saw the opening of the Kelly Road Soccer Complex and both organizations relocated to Kelly Road as their home fields, this is still our home to this day. By the mid 90’s the two groups joined together to form the Greater Fort Myers Soccer Club, Lee County Strikers Competitive division. Through the late 1990s the club grew to over 850 players with over 30 competitive teams.

We are proud to be Fort Myers oldest soccer club and are confident that with new direction, we can fulfill our undoubted potential in what will prove to be a historic 30th year.



Lee County Strikers offers the best soccer training program in the region.  

Our coaches provide the experience, the leadership, and the expertise to develop high level skill and character of young athletes. 

We instill a passion and joy for the game in each of our players. 

We pride ourselves in being “player-centric” in our methodology and daily practices administratively.

The Club’s technical program tries to create a learning environment for its players.

Creating an environment where winning is not the priority at the developmental phases (U6-U14),

yet understanding why and how to play successful, competitive soccer depending on the game’s situations.

As we move players forward in their development, at the older ages (U15-U19), winning does become more of a priority

and ultimately a measured outcome. Learning takes time with intervention along the way.

We embrace failure and desire it through competition because it gives authentic

information in which we create training environments.

Over the course of our operation, the Club has developed programming for youth of both genders, ages 6-23 years old.

This programming is fluid and ever-changing, allowing the Club to meet the demands of the modern game of soccer. 

Through technical review by our Club’s technical leadership team, ongoing professional development

and daily experience in the soccer landscape, the entirety of the technical staff is constantly evaluating

and re-evaluating Club best practices to enhance the overall training as well as match environments.