8 Tips for BWP Players


Contributed by Ron McEachen, Technical Director

Here are some ideas for players to consider when on the pitch:

  • Look around and "take pictures." Read the visual cues of what your teammates and opponents are showing.  
  • Never hide and be afraid. Always be available and in good body position.
  • Ask yourself where you can move to give better support for the player/s on the ball. Ask yourself what you will do when you receive the ball.
  • Build an attack by combining wall passes, double passes, takeovers, and overlaps. Let the ball do the work!
  • Maintain possession through back passes. It will give time and space to try another point of attack.
  • After delivering a pass, move off the ball—diagonally, horizontally, vertically forward and back—to help pull apart defenses and enable other options to open up. Unselfish running is critical!
  • Be a two way player. Get forward to support. When possession is lost, recover immediately and pressure the ball.
  • Work hard and never complain. Get on with it and do something positive. Time spent complaining and looking for excuses takes away from the total team function. Ultimately we want to have players with great attitudes and tremendous work ethic.