The Danish Magician


Contributed by Ron McEachen, Technical Director (BWPBurlington)


Our players may watch an occasional Premier league match. But in order for them to understand the different levels of play, our sons and daughters need to be DVR-ing teams from around the world. Watch the women of France, Sweden, Germany, Japan, and of course, the United States. For the men, watch Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, and Argentina among others. Then, and only then, will young players begin to understand what the commitment to excellence is all about. To watch the different styles, formations, tactics, and technical expertise can open up another world. To view the physical and mental demands that must be met by every player to achieve success individually and as a team is a must. To watch the roles of players in their particular position is so critical.

There was a great player from Denmark named Michael Laudrup who has some great YouTube highlights that any and every young player would do well to watch. His best passing video is above. Enjoy!