Goals and Vision

  To establish and maintain the highest level of coaching and player development

  To produce players commensurate with world class standards

  To adopt a game concept that facilitates player identification and selection

Goals and Vision


  Respect the game, players, team values, officials, staff, parents and yourself

  Accept and embrace different cultures

  Understand the value of a strong work ethic

  Have humility

  Believe in yourself

  Be accountable to yourself and each other to create the appropriate training environment

  Accept that mistakes are part of the development process

  Diversity is strongly encouraged

  Accessibility to all, who wish to participate in soccer

Style of Play Within the Club


  Possession oriented with intent to break lines

  High tempo and attack minded. Advance the ball quickly in short sharp increments
   Creativity in the final third
  Multifaceted approach to attack (central overloads and combinations, combined with flank play)
  Capturing the ball as quickly as possible, but recognizing when protecting the goal takes precedence
  We will defend with the same level of enthusiasm as we attack

  Attack and defend as a cohesive unit

Define the Soccer Teaching Methodology


  Cognitive in nature. Appealing to fluid intelligence, in order to improve problem solving abilities

  Reality based and functionally specific
  Touches of the ball in meaningful situations to foster relevant skill application
  Training new skills on progressively more challenging levels.