Flights of Programming

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The growth and development of players is supported by the Club’s technical staff, which is comprised of professional staff coaches, who are former professional players; National Staff members; collegiate coaches; and nationally-licensed youth coaches. The staff provides the necessary environment for players to be tested, pushed, assessed, trained, and retested over and over again in a variety of environments.


Since the club’s inception, it has developed programming for youth of both genders, ages 5-23 years old. This programming is fluid and ever-changing, allowing the Club to meet the demands of the modern game of football. Through on-going professional development and daily experience in the soccer landscape, the entirety of the technical staff is constantly evaluating Club practices to best enhance the overall training as well as match environments.

2019/20 Lee County Strikers Technical Assignments



2001 Anthony Stovall

2002 Anthony Stovall 

2003 Felix Acosta

2004 Felix Acosta

2005  Peter Thomas

2006 Paolo Acosta


2007 Luis Vega

2008 Peter Thomas

2009 Ian Spooner

2010 Felix Acosta

2011 Ian Spooner

2001/2002 Paolo Acosta

2003 Renato Defreitas 

2004 Andre Nesfield

2005 Renato Defreitas 

2006 Andre Nesfield


2007 Duane Lai Fang

2008 Andre Nesfield

2009 Paolo Acosta

2010 Liam Farrell

2011 Liam Farrell